Wizz Air Passengers Increase 179% Year-On-Year

Wizz Air announced its passenger and CO2 statistics on Monday, which saw an increase in capacity and passenger numbers.

No surprise after a quick glance at the airports.

In June, Wizz air carried 4,340,115 passengers, an increase of 179% compared to June 2021. Seat numbers also continued the theme, as numbers increased by 107.2% to 5,039,277.

Furthermore, over the last 12 months, passenger numbers have increased 191.8% to 36,299,924 compared to the prior year.

As for CO2 emissions, the airline is amongst the lowest in emissions per passenger/km compared to competitor airlines. Wizz saw CO2 emissions were 20.6% over the past 12 months to 59.6 grams per passenger/km.

However, airlines are still the highest producing sector for CO2 emissions. So take it with a pinch of salt.

After the announcement, shares of Wizz fell 2.77%.

Key Stats:

Source: Semrush

Looking at organic traffic for the airline, it is clear a recovery has been made over the past year. Covid impacted demand for flights. However, since June 2021, traffic has gradually increased and demand for the market has followed closely behind.

Source: Wizz Air

Wizz Air recently reported a record number of daily flights as demand has returned. The graph represents a gradual increase in capacity and load factor. However, despite its improvements, the stock has fallen 55.71% in 2022.