Boohoo Acquires 7.1% of Revolution Beauty

Online fashion retailer Boohoo announced on Wednesday its acquisition of Revolution Beauty Group.

Revolution Beauty Surged 18% following the announcement.

The retail company reported its most recent strategic investment amounted to a 7.1% stake in Revolution Beauty. Boohoo already sells Revolution Beauty products through several of the group’s direct-to-consumers brand websites.

Boohoo shares declined 2.87% this morning. Furthermore, the stock has tumbled 52% this year following inflationary issues that have taken a toll on Boohoo’s revenue and profits.

Consumer data:

Source: Semrush

Meanwhile, despite a fall in Boohoo’s share price, its organic traffic has increased this year. Interest in Boohoo’s website remains strong despite a disappointing performance for investors.

However, it is important to note that its recent gains in 2022 are still significantly below the highs shown in 2020.

Source: Google Trends

In addition, Google Trends shows interest over the last year has declined for Boohoo. Therefore, a fall in the stock may be warranted as its consumer metrics continue to fall.

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